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Bob leads you to a empty room with a solitary chair.  �Sit,� he says.  You sit and grimaced as you feel the cold steel carressing your behind. Bob clasps his hands in a zen-like manner and whispers, �Ohm.....�
�Ohm..?!� you say and a startling bolt of electricity zaps your behind.
Bob looks at you quizzically and sighs.
�Calm is good,� he says.
You can�t help but nod.
�What would be your pleasure today?�
Bob proceeds as he hands you a quizzical pair of goggle-like glasses.

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The Briefie Jeefies

Briefie Jeefies (noun, verb) :  Space filling factoids

Cyberpunk : silicon, computer hacking, designer drugs, control, cyborg, implants, Neuromancer, logic, Kraftwerk, robotics, Chess.

Ribofunk : carbon, biohacking, designer genes, chaos, mutant, parasites, Blood Music, libido, George Clinton, artificial life, Twister.

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