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�I presume that you are new to the world of Cyberspace....�says Bob.
�Here�s a Button,� Bob whispers as he pins a button that reads �Be Gentle with me� on your shirt.

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�I want to learn, oh wise Q Zone!�

 The I-Tutor

The Internet Tutor --
an online syndicated weekly newspaper column designed to help answer your Internet questions.

 PC-Help Online

The Ultimate Source on  the internet for newbies.
Topics on this site range from General Help to the �Oh My God, I can do that?!!�


Learn The Net

�Your human face to cyberspace�--they say.
We say, �Nifty Tutorials!�
This site explores topics on how to get started,  internet basics and the World Wide Web.

Dr. Bob�s Painless Guide to the Internet

Our very own Bob, (not to be confused with Dr. Bob) gives a six thumbs up for this site. This site is a must-visit for internet seedlings.


A newbie (according to The Happy Mutant Handbook)-�

Special Powers: USENET Firestarter. Can set off flames by the mere posting of his/her e-mail address.

Strengths: Still has a life online. Can answer daily e-mail in one sitting.

Weaknesses: Thinks that MAKE.MONEY.FAST postings might be worth looking into

Quote: (In Chatroom called HOT GIFS) �Hi all. Why isn�t anyone talking in here?�

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