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You are greeted at the door by a funny looking man who hands you a box and a piece of paper.  He chatters on and passes you by to greet the other incoming people.  You hear his voice as it slowly fades....  �Download..�  You stare down at the box and the piece of paper.  �What am I suppose to do with this stuff?� you wonder.  You realize that there is some writing on the piece of paper.  It reads �Sit on the box and download, download, DOWNLOAD!!�


From beyond, a flying diskette zooms towards you and hovers above your head..... �Wow!� you cry. �A flying diskette!!� 
A booming voice that resembles that of God resonates from the Flying Diskette.


�Greetings, Grasshopper of Downloaders. I have some tittilating things for you to clog your bandwidth with.... First, head on to Zeldman�s place and indulge in twisted graphics.  Make sure you say Hi to Bob on your way there.  After you�re done at Zeldman�s, explore some Cool Graphics on the Web.  On your way out, make sure you move on to Realm Graphics and vote for the Texture of the week.  Next, flex your mouse button pushing finger and do some major clicking at Xoom�s Graphics.�

You blink as a screen appears before you and your hand transforms itself into a single huge finger sitting on a humongous mouse.  Hundreds of images whiz across the screen

�Not satisfied yet?  There�s more to come!  Point your cursor towards A+ Free Graphics.  What are ya waiting for?! They�re FREE!  Greedy little bugger, aren�t you? You want more Free Stuff? Head on to the Free Art WebPage and continue downloading to your hearts content. AAAH! Yikes! Free Graphics!  will fulfill your downloading needs.  Harness yourself for the largest graphics site on the web. Hosting more than 657,947 pieces of clip-art, you will be in dot.pitch heaven. 
Last but not least, give
Barry a visit before your hard drives go on overload.�

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