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What�s in a name, in which we call an Operating System?


A beam of yellow light scoots you up onto a flying saucer and you are whisked away.  Suddenly, you hear a screech and the flying saucer halts abruptly.  A beam of yellow light scoots you back to where you first left.
Bob sticks his head out of the rear window of the flying saucer and shouts, �Sorry. Weight Overload!� You sigh and watch the nearby TV screen flicker


You sit and stare at the fuzzy screen.  You notice that a remote control sits on the side of the TV. Flipping the remote over, you see the following words stamped on the back. �Made In Malaysia�
You decide to channel-surf while waiting for the next flying saucer......

Channel 1

Channel 2

Channel 3

Channel 5

Channel 4

LOX - the Linux OX Generation featuring:

Linux Be Mine

Linus�s Island

Linux At Night

McTV - Macintosh TV Network featuring:

MacShare and Puffy

The Slice Girls

Download Me?

Mac�s so called life

OS/OS - The Operating Systems Network featuring:

Happy Puppy Gameshow!

Tucows in Heat

Freeware 90210

What�s got into Dave?

More Windows? - Bow to Bill Gates featuring:

32bit Blues

Windows 31 Place

Windows 95 Live

Real NT

AOS - OS/2 Warp Network featuring:

I dream of OS/2

Party of OS/2

The OS/2 Files

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